In Dubai, UAE

Hello! Hola! Dr. Gustavo Reque Rydberg

MSK Physician, Sports Med, Pain Med, MSK Ultrasound.

Médico MSK, Medicina Deportiva, Tratamiento del Dolor, Ecografía MSK.

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Ancora Imparo – “I am still learning”.

Thankful for all opportunities to learn something every day from colleagues, patients and courses/meetings. Never lose your learning spirit.

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Delighted to join UPANDRUNNING Medical Center once again!

Delighted to join my friends and colleagues at UPANDRUNNING once again. Very happy to work alongside the extraordinary clinicians UPANDRUNNING always has onboard. Thank you!

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The Royal Philanthropic Expedition of the Vaccine (Expedición Balmis) 1803-1806

In these times when vaccination campaigns are monopolizing the news headlines it is worth while to remember the first official global vaccination campaign commissioned by king Carlos IV (Spain) and led by Dr Francisco Javier

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